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Risa Videos te desea Feliz año nuevo!

That's right friends Risa Videos, it's our second New Year to live with you, and we are almost about 2 years of life for his humorous video blog which I hope to celebrate with you in some way.

Today December 31, 2009 still ... I write nothing but to wish our loyal visitors, who first visited the blog one Happy New Year .

A special greeting to those who follow us since the early days of the blog, and more than 300 subscribers to our site, and hope not to fail teach new novadades in 2010, will continue for much longer.You can find lots of great examples of at this site.

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Perro entrenado haciendose el muerto

videos youtubeSurfing the internet I run into this curious video of a dog on television know that there are many contests where people bring their pets that make different amazing and interesting activities, as well as some time we present the talking parrot, but This time we have a dog that plays dead into the arms of his master in a funny way xD, type gives the signal and this dog is like faint xD Funny video of a dog that plays dead .


Dance like Michael Jackson [Babies]

videos youtubeThis commercial mineral water, has caused a sensation by visitors I have even emails to send them the video, it is for this reason that they come back to repeat the course but in a new version, so the same video commercial of babies dancing but this you see a different pace, this time to the beat of the music and songs of Michael Jackson , how about? The steps are perfectly coordinated and publisher of video are worried about adding extra videos at the end of this video to youtube to complete. If you want to learn to dance like Michael Jackson follow these steps funny babies dancing in the street xD.


Best Youtube Videos 2009 FAIL!

videos youtubeYou are a fan of internet FAIL videos ? You spend hours and hours searching and browsing the funniest video in which agena unfortunately is a major presence in all the videos? How about if I present below a compilation of the top videos of agenas FAIL mishaps, a few home videos in which the strokes, falls and everything having to do with pain ageno immerses them. Below about 7 minutes from the best fail of 2009, nothing better than to be finishing this year with the best videos on youtube, and hopefully know more next FAIL!


Ladron de plasma: Como no robar un plasma

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videos youtubeAsi como en el titulo acabas de leer fue subido el video a youtube, "Como no robar una TV plasma". Este tipo gringo, entra a una tienda y se dirige a la seccion de tecnologia teniendo el peor plan de su vida para intentar robar de la tiena una pantalla plasta, debajo de su brazo se encuentra con un tipo de estuche en donde podia poner perfectamente una de estas TV, pero su lenta reaccion le jugo una mala pasada y lo termina pillando un vendedor y junto a un cliente que se encontraba cerca comienzan un forcejeo por quitarle la pantalla xD! Que idiota y mal intento de querer robar un plasma.


Joke on the street: Invisible Rope

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videos youtubeToday a spectacular street joke , two types have decided to annoy motorists that they will cross the road, each on a side of the street pretending to play to pull the rope xD do it all so real that motorists are stand in the way swear that something crossed and all slow and fear go ahead xD This excellent street to practice this joke to your friends, if you want a tease and laugh while pestering motorists. Graciosa invisible rope prank .


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